What is a round-the-world trip without a visit to Hawaii? When on top of that it is Humpback whale mating season just off the coast and thousands of Humpback males jump to impress the females there is actually no argument not to stop at Hawaii. Especially not when it is right on the way from Sydney to Los Angeles and Hawaii’s nature and culture is something we have all been dreaming of visiting one day.

We will be staying on Oahu for the first 4 days and then a week on Maui. In both places we have found something through airbnb which not only makes it a bit cheaper but as important we will stay with locals that will be able to point us to the right places to go and things to see.

Blog posts below.

We almost left Hawaii without visiting a hospital or doctor – but had to leave the plane before takeoff

Except for our first stop in Cyprus we have had a 100% hit-rate in terms of at least one of ...
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The Road to Hana – A famous Maui drive with 600+ hair pin turns and 59 one lane bridges and a good chance of motion sickness

The Road to Hana is a famous Maui drive. Some even say that you cannot claim to have visited Maui ...
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Line’s first swim with Sea Turtles and Cliff Jumping at Ka’anapali beach

We wanted to go snorkeling since we hadn’t done it for a while and had had enough of sightseeing. Either ...
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Lots and lots of Humpback Whales in Maui

Roughly 1/2 of all the North Pacific Humpback Whales gather around Maui from December to April to breed. No food ...
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Caught way down in the Haleakala volcano’s crater

One of our days in Maui we wanted to get some exercise and go for a long hike - so ...
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West Maui Drive

Janice recommended us to drive around the western tip of Maui to see the many different types of landscape. Including ...
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Staying at Auntie Janice’s “Bamboo Heaven” in Maui

Maui is a very diverse island. The landscape changes constantly from lush jungle to desert, from meadows to mountains. And ...
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Oahu, Hawaii – a bit of a hit-and-miss affair but good times never the less

After the slightly confusing morning we spent on getting our rental car a day earlier and finding a hotel we ...
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AirBnB saves the day – How 3 days became 4 days on Oahu and the funny and a bit gross story of how we ended up staying in 3 different places

First to the funny and admittedly stupid mistake that resulted in us showing up in Hawaii with no rental car ...
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