To be honest we really went back and forth several times on whether to visit Thailand or not on our round the world trip. We love the people, the nature, the ease of travel and the food but we have really been there many times (Jesper 6, Line 4, Noah 2 and Vitus 1 time) and somehow going back felt a little like choosing the “easy option” instead of going somewhere we have not been before or at least not so many times.

We ended up including Thailand since the fit was just too perfect in terms of weather (west coast is perfect in November) and in terms of the route we are travelling. This time, though, we also chose places that we have not seen before: Kanchanaburi and Chiang Mai (Jesper has been to Chiang Mai many years ago). We chose Kanchanaburi mostly because the weather was good there at the time of arrival (it was raining at the beach destinations), and because it seemed like a place with lots of activities and good, cheap food. We were told by several people there that it is the cheapest place in Thailand, and we have to agree. You can easily get a meal at a restaurant for 40-50 Baht.

After around a week in Chiang Mai we will go to Koh Lanta to relax, swimm and snorkel before heading to Vietnam. All in all we will spend 4 weeks in Thailand this time.

Blog posts from Thailand below.

Meeting with the Kniberg’s at Koh Lanta

One of the big sources of inspiration to do our round the world trip was the Kniberg’s “Big Family Trip” ...
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Tour in a rented TukTuk at Koh Lanta

Renting a TukTuk Getting around on islands in Thailand is usually much cheaper and easier if you rent a motorbike. That ...
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Koh Ngai Island, Koh Lanta marine park

After our 4 Islands snorkeling trip we booked transfer to Koh Ngai Island (by the same tour operator, Rainbow travel ...
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Snorkeling in Koh Lanta marine park with small children

4 Islands snorkeling tour We bought the 4 islands tour at Rainbow travel at the main road of Klong Dao Beach, ...
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Lanta Thai Cookery School

We love thai food - especially Jesper and I, but during our 4 weeks in Thailand, the kids have learned ...
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2 day, 1 night trekking in Chiang Mai with children

Chiang Mai being the hotspot of trekking in Thailand we knew that we wanted to go on a multi day ...
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What to do in Chiang Mai with children

Even though we couldn’t explore Chiang Mai the way we had planned (since we got sick), we still managed to ...
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Visiting Animal Welfare Center at Koh Lanta

With two kids that love animals and reading very good reviews about it on TripAdvisor naturally we had to pay ...
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Zip-Lining in Chiang Mai with a 5 year old kid

The streets of Chiang Mai are packed with advertisement for various Zip Lining companies. There are at least 5-7 different ...
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Chiang Mai Accommodation with children

We ended up staying in 3 different places in Chiang Mai and it was surprisingly difficult to find a good ...
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No more sickness – please!

Well, we knew that a 6,5 months’ journey around the world wouldn’t be all good days and that a travel ...
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Great fun at Sugar Done beach – Kanchanaburi

Tuesday (Nov. 3.) we went to Sugar Done beach after speaking to an English guy living in Kanchanaburi with his ...
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Full day trip in the Kanchanaburi province

Monday (Nov. 2.) we went on a full day tour with Toi's Tours - one of the standardised tours you ...
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First stop in Thailand: Kanchanaburi province

We must admit that we had dreaded the journey from Cyprus to Thailand due to the bad flight times (stop ...
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