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Well, we knew that a 6,5 months’ journey around the world wouldn’t be all good days and that a travel blog is supposed to be packed with nice pictures of fantastic adventures. But if you are wondering why the blog has been a bit quite lately it is because of one thing – we have been sick – all of us. We have managed to do stuff though so instead of mixing stories of vomiting and sickness in with the blog posts to come this one will some up what happened in that area. Don’t read on if you are more into beautiful pictures of rivers, swimming, waterfalls etc.

Unfortunately the pictures of cleaning up vomit from the children in the middle of the night does not exist, but if they did they would have been very colourful and from the focused look in our eyes you would have been able to tell that a standard drill was starting to form.

  1. Get a plastic bag to get the next “wave”
  2. Quickly get a towel
  3. Use that to clean-up the worst before it “soaks in”
  4. Sheets off
  5. Inspect damage
  6. Fix things enough to go back to sleep – sometimes only for 5 minutes
  7. Put in place damage control for the next wave – bags, bowls, towels etc.

It is not that we did not expect this to happen at some point but we did not think the bad luck would hit us so soon and for so many days.

It’s been 2 weeks since we arrived in Thailand. 4 days after arriving, Vitus started throwing up and was sick for 4-5 days. Jesper was sick at the same time, but milder, and only for 2 days. Then Line got it and was sick for 1 day, almost got well, but got sick again the next day. Then Noah got sick during a trekking tour in Chiang Mai, while Line and Vitus stayed in Chiang Mai city, as Line was sick (for the second time) on the morning when we were supposed to go on a two-day trekking trip.

As an added bonus Noah fell very hard on his arm just after arriving in Chiang Mai. He hit a nerve so hard that his arm was cramping constantly and he screamed at the lightest touch. 1,5 hours later and 4 x-rays at the hospital at 25o THB each he was feeling fine. WHAT A RELIEF!!!

For the last two weeks, we have been forced to split up most of the time, so the ones that were not sick could go and do some of the things that we had planned and dreamed of. In terms of sickness this is basically how it went down:


  • What we wanted to do:
    • Go to Erawan falls for a full day
  • What happened:
    • Jesper and Vitus were sick, but 3 days later Noah and Jesper went while Line and Vitus were relaxing (Vitus recovering, Line sick)
  • What we wanted to do:
    • Caves and Kanchanaburi Safari park
  • What happened:
    • Indoors all day

Chiang mai

  • What we wanted to do:
    • 2 days of trekking in the jungle and bamboo rafting. Staying overnight at hill tribe
  • What happened:
    • Line got sick in the morning 1 hour before departure. Quickly rearranged accommodation and baggage so Noah and Jesper could go. Noah unfortunately got sick in the morning in the village and threw up several times. The tough little boy then trekked 3,5 hours on water, caramels and some Danish cookies – no complaints.
  • What we wanted to do:
    • Private full day bicycle tour along the river. Temples, rice-fields, ancient city. Booked – no refund.
  • What happened:
    • Though seeming to have recovered after the jungle trek Noah ate well in the evening. In the middle of the night he woke up and threw up in his bed. With no refund and feeling a bit better in the morning we went anyway. After throwing up two more times we gave up after 1,5 hours of cycling and was driven back to our guesthouse.

That being said we still managed to have a lot of great experiences but just not as we planned. Blogs on Kanchanaburi temples and jungle trekking, zip-lining and a short bicycle ride in Chiang Mai will follow shortly.

As of this moment everybody seems to be fully recovered and we are on our way to Koh Lanta. Hopefully that means a great last 12 days of adventure in Thailand before we are leaving the country on November 26 going to Vietnam.


Well after writing this post it turned out we were not quite done yet and Noah threw up the next two nights. On the bright side his bed was equipped with a water tight sheet between him and the mattress so our nightly cleaning job was made a lot easier. You learn to appreciate the small things. Fortunately that was the end of it and when he finally recovered he and Vitus started eating like two grown men. When we ordered a large lasagne (adult large) for them at a restaurant the waiter came back twice to make sure he got it right and he couldn’t believe his eyes when they both finished it without problems (it was gigantic).


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