Visiting the Philippines was on top of our list from the beginning. None of us have been there before but reading about the culture, nature and price-level it is something we are really looking forward to. On top of that Jesper’s sister Anne and her son Alexander will be visiting us from December 27. to January 4. which we are all looking very much forward to. We considered travelling quite a bit around the Philippines but ended up with a less ambitious route since there is so much to see everywhere and we had to remind ourselves not to rush things and leave time to relax and get to know the people we are staying with.

Blog posts below.

Puerto Galera, Big La Laguna Beach and the beach that was not

January 1st we got up late. Anne was a bit hung-over and nobody was in the mood to rush out ...

Celebrating New Year in Puerto Galera

On new year's day the weather unfortunately turned pretty bad. We went to the local beach in walking distance from ...

Things we did the first 3 days in Puerto Galera

In Mindoro we stayed at a place called White House. It is owned by a Dane and his Philippine wife ...

Meeting Anne and Alexander and transferring to Puerto Galera, Mindoro

It is an understatement to say that we were all looking forward to Anne and Alexander visiting us in the ...

Trip to Puerto Princesa Underground River and Ugong Rock tour

The Underground River is considered one of the 7 wonders of the world and therefor a Must See if you ...

Exploring Puerto Princesa and Honda Bay with children

It might to many seem a bit too much to stay a whole week in Puerto Princesa city. But since ...

Staying at Subli Guest Cabins over Christmas

We had been warned that the Philippines were totally crowded in December (which actually turned out not to be the ...

Exploring El Nido and the Marine National park

For our first day in El Nido we wanted to do something relaxing, therefore we talked to a tour agency ...

Getting to El Nido – A bus ride from hell with RoRo bus 🙂

If you have not already guessed it by the title this post is not about the great scenery on the ...


  1. Rena Forester
    January 1, 2016

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    It was a pleasure meeting Jesper and Noah at the Underground River tour! As I already told Jesper, I’m inspired by your family and his remarkable trip that you’re on! I hope that you are doing well. Happy new year! – Rena

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