By on June 7, 2015

GlobusNow we have bought our round the world plane tickets, and the planning has begun! And there are many things to plan, when you want to leave your home country for 6,5 months:
We want to rent out our house, the kids need to take leave from the daycare, Jesper and I must consider our job situations, we need to book accomodation in some of our destinations (because in some destinations prices increase dramatically the closer we get to arrival), we need to have the right vaccines and so on. But this is all part of the experience too!

With the final flights in place we are flying:

Copenhagen -> Lanaca

Lanaca -> Bangkok

Kuala Lumpur -> Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City -> Manilla

Manilla -> Puerto Princesa

Puerto Princesa -> Manilla

Manilla -> Adeleide

Sydney -> Honolullu

Honolullu -> Maui

Maui -> LA

LA -> Cancun

Cancun -> Havannah

Havannah -> Cancun

Cancun -> Miami

New York -> Copenhagen

Of course with some stopovers on some flights but generally really good flight times and a minimum of wait time in airports. All in all it has ended up costing us around 95.000 DKK for the tickets alone through Jysk Rejsebureau (we could do it around 3.000 cheaper by booking it on hour own, but with the hazzle and extra fees for non-included bagage etc. it was simply not worth the trouble). That was actually a bit cheaper than we originally though was possible for 4 people round the world where children +2 almost always pay full price.


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