By on August 29, 2015

Though we strive hard not to plan too much up front and only book essential
things in advance it is still turning into a very long todo-list before we
leave. Jesper being a Lean/Agile consultant we are naturally trying to
manage the planning using a Kanban board which is actually working out fine
both in terms of keeping focus, maintaining an overview an actually getting
things done:

Fortunately things are starting to look good and the essentials are soon in
place. For others in the same situation here is a non-inclusive list of
things we have had to do (in somewhat prioritized order):

– Planing the travel route (why we chose each country will soon be
listed under each country found in the menu “Countries we will visit”)
– Renting out our house (Tried various services including airbnb but in
the end an Islandic couple and their 3 kids found us via boligportalen.dk
– Applying for “leave” from the childrens daycare so they can come back
when we get home
– Quitting job (Only Line since Jesper is self-employed)
– Renting a campervan in Australia – Adelaide -> Sydney (doing that late
will make it much more expensive and vans might be unavailable)
– Renting cars on Oahu and Maui (it is high season when we get there and
rumors are than if you have not booked a car in advance it is simply not
possible to get one)
– A place to stay in Hawaii (again high season) – we ended up finding a
place on both Oahu and Maui through airbnb
– Local flights in the Phillippines (we found out that many Phillippines
live abroad and are going home for Christmas and New Years making it the
busiest time a year )
– Places to stay in Phillippines (Again it is peak season and though we
planned just to make our way around and find somewhere to stay once we got
to a new city we read so many places that it is neccesary to book in
advance – we ended up booking Mindoro and Puerto Princesa through airbnb
and found a nice place in El Nido on tripadvisor )
– Getting shots for various deceases (ended up costing a small fortune –
+10.000 DKK)
– Buying mosquito nets (unfortunately there is a spreading dengue
epidemic in Asia)
– Fixing all the small things in the house that people expect to be in
place when they rent something 🙂
– Renting a car for the roadtrip in the Deep south of USA (you can save
close to 70 percent by booking far in advance)
– And probably lots more that we have already forgotten


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