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After eating at a couple of different restaurants for dinner and lunch we finally found “our place”. Even if you stay just 5 days in a place it is always a pleasure when you find that small family owned place where the food is great and affordable, service excellent and where you get to know them just a bit before you move on.

In San Miguel, Cozumel that place was Cocina Economica Alejandrina. A very small place just 20 meters from our Hotel. With many local dishes it took us a while to understand the menu but fortunately the owner spoke som English and a Mexican-English food translation PDF is now a very valuable file on Jesper’s phone.


To our surprise they even had breaded pork or chicken with French fries and salad which both Noah and Vitus loved. It was full sized portions so the owner asked us twice if we were sure we wanted one for each boy. We confirmed and they both ate every single bite – much to the amusement of the owner and his wife.

P1100685 P1100686

On our last day in San Miguel, Cozumel our favourite local closed early and we were forced to find a different place to eat. A quick google search suggested that www.parrillamission.com would be a good place to eat.

That ended up being an awkward and in retrospect funny experience. We found the restaurant without problems (or so we thought) but were a bit surprised when we sat down and looked at how the table was set and the very nicely dressed waiters. Not your typical budget restaurant. When we got the menu it did share a few items with the one we had found on the web but they cost roughly 4-5 times as much. Hmmmm.

P1100732 P1100733

Asking the waiter if we were in the right place he got a funny look at almost sneaked a new menu card to us from another drawer. This time prices were only up 50 percent from what we had seen on the web and he almost whispered to us that his was another restaurant on the same premises and that the restaurant we thought we were in was being renovated and were normally situated 20 meters away at the other end of the garden.


The food was very nice but it was still a very awkward feeling sitting there in our beach clothes with two not so quiet children, in a fine-dining restaurant eating food at 20% of the price stated on the other menu. In retrospect a funny experience but while we were there we would probably all have preferred a more relaxed atmosphere.

Had we known Spanish better we might have been able to read the sigh stating that the budget restaurant was being renovated and that food could be bought at the more fancy one. But since we did not even see that sigh before we went in it probably would not have helped anyway.



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