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Leaving Cuba – Cuba said farewell in a very Cuban way

By on April 16, 2016

On the morning of our departure our host had ordered a Taxi for us to go from Vinales to Havana airport. Since Taxis in Cuba differ a lot and can be anywhere from 60 to 2 years old we had

Relaxing and exploring Viñales, Cuba – Caves, bicycling, long walks in the valley and a very painful horse riding

By on April 9, 2016

Viñales is a beautiful protected valley with limestone mountains, tobacco- and coffee farms, caves and lots of possibilities to explore by horse or bicycle. To be honest we had not researched a lot before going, but having had enough of

La Habana / Havana

By on April 8, 2016

A lady we met at the beach (who has now lived in USA for 10 years, but still doesn’t speak a word of English) invited us for a guided tour in La Habana. We had only seen a small part

Cuba is beautiful, ugly, friendly, difficult, dirty, sparse and just really, really different

By on April 8, 2016

Travelling in Cuba can be a really difficult. Travelling in Cuba without knowing Spanish, in peak season and with two small children can be a real challenge. As our first blog from Cuba indicated – getting there was not exactly

Going to Cuba – after 50 Skype calls, 1,5 hour flight delay and 3 hours waiting for our luggage we finally arrived

By on April 8, 2016

Finding accommodation in Cuba should be straightforward. Typically there is an overcapacity of Casas Particulares (homestays) and once you find a great host, they can help you find a place in the next city or even plan your whole trip