By on October 13, 2015

The going-away-party went really well and we had a great time with our friends saying our goodbyes on Friday October 9th. “Unfortunately” it went so well that people stayed until 5 O’clock in the morning which made it quite hard to get up and finish packing Saturday morning. The funny looking clothes is not only because we have funny friends but due to the fact that people were encouraged to show up in something matching a “Travel around the world theme”


Moving out

Saturday and Sunday were really busy. Though it seemed like only a few things were missing we worked non-stop to get the house ready, pack the final things in boxes and move out. One of the last things we needed to do was bake some buns for the farewell event at Noah and Vitus’ daycare and as luck would have it our oven broke down. Not exactly the kind of thing you need at the last moment. But 1,5 hour later we had bought a new-used one on dba and Jesper had installed it in the kitchen. Thank god for standards – it fit right in without needing to adjust anything. In retrospect we considered ourselves quite lucky. Imagine just moving into a rented house and the oven brakes down within the first week and us having to administer buying a new one from Cyprus.

All in all it was a great but busy weekend despite the kids being taken care of by their grandparents. But everything went well and our house was almost not recognisable without children’s toys all over the place. Never really realised we had that much floor space.


  1. AG og Ninchen
    October 19, 2015

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    Thanks for the invite to ‘Going-away-party’ – looked like you had a fun time 🙂

    • admin
      October 21, 2015

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      ejj.. sorry about that! I’ll make it up to you when we get back:-)

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