By on September 5, 2015

We intend to travel light and probably what will take up the most
space is not clothes, shoes etc. but the gear we need when spending time
diving, snorkling, taking pictures and video and living in areas with lots
of mosquitos.

We hope to be able to limit ourselves to a large duffelbag on wheels, a
large travel-backpack, a day-backpack and a small bag for each child with
their toys they can carry on their own.

So far our list of things to bring includes (last updated September 5th 2015):

  • Snorkel, fins and mask for all of us
  • Video camera (GoPro + mounts, extra batteries etc.)
  • Camera (Our good old Panasonic FZ200 still performs very well)
  • Medicin (Ciprofloxasin, panodil, imodium etc.)
  • Powerbank (ended up buying an Intocircuit 26000mAh which is kind of
    large but should keep us powered up no matter where we stay)
  • 2 large mosquito nets (impregnated)
  • Thin white clothes with long sleeves/legs to protect against mosquitos
  • Bathing suits/bikinis (1-2 each).
  • Hiking sandals (1 each)
  • Hiking shoes (1 each)
  • Beach shoes for the kids (we have a long history of them cutting their
  • Autan mosquito spray (3-4)
  • First aid kit
  • Toys (only what can fit in their own backpack – if they buy something
    new on the trip that cannot fit in the bag they have to give away something)
  • Shorts (2-3 pairs each – ongoing debate whether that also applies to females 🙂 )
  • Socks (3 pairs each)
  • Underwear
  • T-Shirts (3 pairs each – ongoing debate whether that also applies to females 🙂 )
  • Dresses (written by “female:-) )s
  • Long trousers (1 each)
  • Warm shirt (fleece or similar – 1 each)
  • Baby-monitors (so we don’t have to stay 1 meter from the children when
    they go to sleep)
  • Cell-phones + charger (1 each for adults + 1 extra(old xperia mini for emergency
    if the others are damaged/stolen). We plan to buy prepaid sim cards)
  • Hats/caps (1 each)
  • Duct-tape – ESSENTIAL!!
  • 15 meter strong line (drying clothes, tying things down etc.)
  • 1 small air-mattress (so we can squeeze our selves into small rooms
    when necessary)
  • Laptop + charger for skype – writing blogs etc. (still not decided whether to bring a dell E6220 or a MacBook – both are a few years old but we don’t want to travel with a brand new expensive laptop if it gets stolen, lost or damaged)
  • 2 IPads – mainly for the children to keep them occupied on long distance flights etc.
  • Sun-screen (factor 10 and 30)
  • Kindles (2)
  • Rain-covers for bags (3)
  • Prebooked vouchers/confirmation (Airbnb, flights, car-rental, campervan)
  • Passports
  • Drivers licence, Visas and Mastercards
  • Travel insurance documents
  • All travel documents (flight tickets, hotel bookings, airBnB adresses etc.)


  1. adge
    October 4, 2015

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    Hi, as an experienced traveller I was amazed at how much you have cut out. The only missing item appears to be “Ponchos” which can be made out of large plastic garbage sacks.
    The main problem in terms of weight are the electronics andthe medicines. Everything else is replaceable.
    Zip loc bags from IKEA keep everything safe and dry.
    Happy travels, keep in touch

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